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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a safe, effective natural way to promote health for your whole family.  Whether you are experiencing a crisis, looking for solutions to long term problems or want support for your life style we are here to help you. Chiropractic has helped millions of people get well and stay well.  If you are looking to have better health be more vibrant and age with grace you are in the right place.

Family Care

We help families with chiropractic care. Raising a family is one of life’s most rewarding experiences but can be challenging. When your family is experiencing health challenges, you want solutions. Dr. Adam Manninen in Bozeman Montana has spent the last 8 years delivering the best chiropractic care to families. Did you know studies have shown people under chiropractic care had 60% less hospital admissions, 62% less surgeries, 59% less days in the hospital  and 85% less pharmaceutical costs!!!!!  That is huge. Here are a few of the conditions we have helped families with:


Neck PainSports injuriesIBS (irritable bowl syndrome)
Back PainHeadachesHypertension
SciaticaDizzinessRestless legs syndrome
NumbnessAuto accidentsEar infections
Autoimmune conditions.Anxiety
Infants / Kids

Kids love chiropractic and we love to seeing kids of all ages from babies to teenagers.  Kids these days have more stress, more medication and more medical intervention than ever before.   All too often injuries arise during the birth process that cause stress on the delicate nerves that control and coordinate every function of the body.  These injuries can lead to ear infections, colic, torticollis, acid reflux, sleeping problems, asthma and more.  A healthy nervous system is vital for proper growth and development.  A pediatric chiropractor is trained to identify these small injuries before they affect growth and development.  Here are some indications that your child may need to see a pediatric chiropractor like Dr. Adam Manninan.


Acid refluxSports injuriesPain
Sensory disordersAllergiesConstipation
Bed wettingAsthma

In today’s world athletes are becoming more and more competitive.  If you are looking for an edge up on your competition, seeing a sports chiropractor like Dr. Adam Manninen, can insure you’re able to perform at the top of your game.  Chiropractic care has been shown to improve your reaction time, agility, balance, body awareness, power and reaction time.  Chiropractic care can also help you recover from an injury and lower the chances of being injured in the first place. If you are a competitive athlete or push yourself in pursuit of what you enjoy and you want to continue as you age, chiropractic can help.


Sports Injuries
Back pain
Knee Injuries
Shoulder injuries
Tennis elbow
Neck painHeadachesShin splints
Strains & Sprains

Congratulations if you are reading this and pregnant.  You are in for one of the most amazing experiences in life!  Chiropractic care is wonderful for expecting moms.  As your body changes, different issues can come up like; difficultly sleeping, neck pain,  low back pain, numbness,  sciatica, acid reflux and fatigue to name a few.  Chiropractic care can help throughout your entire pregnancy by helping your body adapt to the constant change.  Not only is seeing a prenatal chiropractor good for you, it is also good for the baby.  By reducing stress on the spine, pelvis, ribs, ligaments and all the supporting structures of the spine you are helping the baby have plenty of room to move and grow.  Additionally, receiving chiropractic care through out your pregnancy may lead to reduced labor times and easier deliveries.


Pelvic painLow back painDigestive issues
NauseaNeck painAcid reflux
Hip painSleeping issuesFatigue
Healthy Aging

Bozeman, Belgrade and the surrounding Gallatin valley is a wonderful place to stay for your whole life!  Aging with grace and staying healthy and active to 80,90,100 and beyond can be done.  Dr. Adam Manninen in Bozeman Montana is passionate about keeping you healthy, so you can be active and enjoy life to its fullest. Taking care of your spine along with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is a wise investment for your future. Chiropractic care can specifically address your immediate concerns and can help keep your body working great for a lifetime.


ArthritisHearth diseaseHeadaches
MemoryFatigueSexual Performance
MobilityNeck PainIncontinence
High blood pressureBack PainWeight Gain

Acupuncture Care

For thousands of years acupuncturists have been studying the cause and effect of disease processes and symptoms.  Acupuncture is a medical approach that addresses a person as a whole, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our acupuncturists are trained in listening to patients and clinically evaluate each patient’s unique function in their body to identify “why” symptoms have appeared.  Acupuncture supports healthy communication within the body, strong blood flow and optimal internal organ function.  Our bodies have the ability to heal.  Acupuncture helps strengthen and stimulate the healing process.   Our Acupuncturists Bree Manninen and Lauren Oechsli are here to support our community in Bozeman, Belgrade and the Greater Gallatin Valley.

Family Care

Acupuncture can support your whole family.  We support people of all ages, 0-100+.  A well-known saying in acupuncture is, “to treat the child you must first treat the mother”.  In the 21st century, we believe it is more accurate to include dad too!  When parents can’t be strong leaders for their children due to sickness or injury, it affects the entire family.  We pass on colds, viruses, germs and STRESS!  As your Bozeman based family clinic, we are here to support you with your family’s healthcare needs.  The following are some reasons families see us for Acupuncture Care:


Chronic sickness
Family stress
Wellness Prevention
Chronic Illness
Stomach Aches
Sports injuries
School stress
Boosting Immunity
Hormonal changes
Infants / Kids

Acupuncture and kids! You bet!  And yes, they love it.  Many parents hesitate to bring their child in to the clinic for Acupuncture Care because they think it will be scary for their child and their child may be fearful.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  We treat many children who love acupuncture.  We have special pediatric taps(needles) that they hardly feel and we don’t have to keep them in!  Children are growing so fast and acupuncture for kids is a fast process.  Many times we don’t even use needles and have effective non-needle techniques.  We are a unique clinic because we have special training in Pediatric Acupuncture and are here to serve the Bozeman, Belgrade and greater Gallatin Valley!  Acupuncture for kids can help support children with:


Sports injuries
Acid reflux
Chronic sickness
Loose stool
Low Appetite
Stomach Aches
Ear infections
Growth and development

Bozeman, Belgrade and the Greater Gallatin Valley is a destination for many people to come recreate.  If you are like us, you love where you live and live here for the many recreational and sporting opportunities.  Acupuncture can support runners, golfers, hunters, skiers, snowboarders, motocross riders, racers, mountain bikers, road bikers, hikers, walkers, nature lovers and many, many more people who just love to move and be active.  Being active can take a toll on our bodies and Acupuncture can help.  Here are some of the reasons athletes come see us:


Support before and after surgery
Improving Range of motion
Pain – neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, any type or location of pain
Performance enhancement
Sore Muscles
Head Injuries

Acupuncture has had experience in treating pregnancy for over 2,500 years!  We even have an acupuncture point called the beautiful baby point that helps support neurological development of a growing fetus. Acupuncture is safe during all trimesters of pregnancy and we feel privileged to support Bozeman’s moms as part of their prenatal and postnatal care.


Healthy Growth and Development
Postpartum depression, anxiety & fatigue
Reduces Stress
Post Cesarean section recovery
Joint pain
Hip pain
Tendon pain and discomfort


Encourages a health natural birth:
Reduces side effects of pregnancy such as:
Healthy hormonal changesMorning Sickness/Nausea
Progression of positive cervical changesPain
Reduces stress/tension
Eases pain
Promotes contractions and labor in moms with overdue babiesFatigue
Sleep disturbance
Breech presentation
Healthy Aging

We all are aging and are faced with a changing body.  Acupuncture has a long history with helping people have longevity. The goal of longevity is to live life to the fullest with mental, emotional and physical function.  Ascend Wellness is passionate about providing acupuncture to Bozeman’s community of 50+.  We help people return to being active and feeling vital or staying active and continuing to feel vitality.


Sleep disturbance
Auto Immune disease
Fitness recovery
Sore muscles
High blood pressure
Sexual Performance
Heart health
Hormonal imbalance
Stomach pain

Lifestyle Care

The way we live impacts our health.  At Ascend Wellness we recognize the impact of daily choices.  We give our patients the tools they need to live a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness.  Lifestyle is not just about today, but a means to live a vital future.   It is the daily choices we make that are the building blocks for a healthy future.  We offer personalized recommendations, classes and refer to a community of practitioners, all passionate to support you in living your healthiest now and future.


At Ascend Wellness we focus on the basic foundation of nutrition and debunk myths that have become cultural norms.  Food provides our bodies with the building blocks for proper function.  We use custom guidance for each patient based on Chinese food therapy, anti-inflammatory and food intolerance approaches.  Our partnership with nutritionists, coaches and online cooking resources enable us to reach the needs of our patients.


Research for decades has proven that exercise keeps us healthy, but is the same type of exercise right for everyone?  Our personalized approach to exercise recommendations includes more than just cardiovascular aerobic exercise; we combine core strengthening and whole body integration.  We are trained in systems that are over 2,000 years old.  These systems support the body’s ability to heal itself and are restorative.  Did you know exercise helps stimulate positive cell growth, increase bone density and encourage healthy organ function!   See the list of coming seminars below for more information.

Mediation/Stress Reduction Techniques

Life has stress and always will.  Our bodies and minds are amazing!  We experience stress and we adapt, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Stress doesn’t have to impact our health in a negative way if we can learn skills to encourage health adaption.  Practices, such as meditation, have been gaining recognition in the media because of the positive health outcomes researchers have discovered.

Did you know that we become habituated in our reaction to stress? That’s right, our brains have an autopilot and create reactions in our physical bodies, our emotions and our lives.

We believe it is essential for our patients to gain access to techniques that help empower them to build positive reactions to stress, in turn giving them the best ability to heal and feel vital!

Lifestyle Seminars/Classes

Seminar dates to come.  Check back January 15th for more detailed information, dates, times and cost!  We hope to support you in healthy lifestyle choices in 2018!!


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