Our son had been to several doctors and was told that he had asthma.  We had been to specialists and traveled to see the best that we thought where out there.  Once we discovered Ascend Wellness Chiropractic and Acupuncture our worrying stopped after the first visit.  Dr. Bree and Adam actually listened to him and cared for him.

They suggested that we take him off of Gluten and Dairy and we would start seeing them for treatment.  With in weeks he stopped coughing and we had our child back.

He now is able to be the kid he always wanted to be.  He is so active and is able to actually do al the activities with out any slowing down.  Its like he is a whole new kids.  He sleeps better, he just “is” a better kid.  Thanks to the doctors at Ascend wellness.

Eric and Brittany

It is clear to me Dr. Adam found his calling as a chiropractor, which is what a patient would really want for someone offering treatment, right? You want someone enthused, inquisitive, thorough, skilled, and honest-I think Dr. Adam is all of these. To me, in my opinion, I highly offer my recommendation. He is a great guy and I’m positive, from my experience, he genuinely wants to, and is capable of helping you.


I highly recommend Ascend Wellness in Bozeman for Acupuncture Services. I initially went to Bree in my first trimester of pregnancy because I was experiencing nausea and heard that it could be helpful. She was able to fit me in the same week and explained the process in depth. Throughout my entire pregnancy Bree was there to provide support through acupuncture and was always quick to respond to correspondence whether it was email or phone.

Jamie Foster

I had a pretty negative experience with a chiropractor previous to Dr. Adam, so I was skeptical to say the least. After meeting with him at the initial consult, I was fully in alignment with his philosophy and felt that he truly cared about my health and wellbeing. Alternately, I was completely clueless when it came to acupuncture and Bree talked me through the history of Chinese medicine with grace and ease. She is knowledgeable, kind and professional.

I always felt and continue to feel comfortable with both practitioners. After putting together a directive treatment plan of herbs, treatments and behavior modifications, I was pain and symptom-free for the first time in my life, and I still am reaping the benefits! I committed to my health and it paid off tremendously! I’m so happy that I made the investment in myself and my quality of life is so much better. Thank you!

Jessica Benoit

I started treatment of Acupuncture 2 years ago after hearing of its benefits on a variety of items in my biz to biz organization. I had always been curious of the practice since I had a nagging shoulder injury I gave a try. What a surprise and a relief, the treatments not only help my shoulder but also other issues I had been living with. Bree was very helpful with suggestions for working with my insurance company to pay for visits and treatments.

I used Adam’s chiropractic services as well on several occasions and found both he and Bree highly knowledgeable, passionate about their professions, easy to work with and professional. Since then I have referred my wife, a western medicine business manager and several friends to Ascend Wellness. I highly recommend Ascend Wellness for Acupuncture and Chiropractic services.

Steve Gonzalez